For over twenty years SNAP Hydroponics has been leading the hydroponics revolution in the Philippines. Ease and simplicity is in its name. SNAP doesn’t require any specialized training, complicated procedures nor constant monitoring. Growing with SNAP is set-and-forget. It’s that easy!

Simple Nutrient Addition Program for Hydroponics

SNAP Hydroponics is a safe, easy to use and low-cost hydroponics system that is designed for household level and small-scale commercial vegetable production. It only requires enough sunlight, sufficient air movement and protection from rain.

Different crops growing on SNAP Hydroponics.

Hydroponics for Beginners

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Simple to set up, maintain and operate.
  • Low manpower requirement.

Hydroponics for the Environment

  • Around 90% of the supplies needed to set up the system are reused materials.
  • Does not require electricity to operate.

Hydroponics for Business

  • Can be adapted for use in small-scale commercial production of lettuce and other vegetables.
  • Return of investment can be realized as early as in the first year of operation.

SNAP Quick Start Guide

Learn how to grow your own fresh, nutritious, delicious and pesticide free food with SNAP Hydroponics.

SNAP Training

banner with text that reads "Welcome Participants Training Course on Hydroponics Vegetable Production With Emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics Plant Physiology Laboratory Institute of Plant Breading"

Learn more about the principles behind hydroponics and commercial vegetable production with SNAP Hydroponics.