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My First Grafting Attempt

Back in March I decided to give away some of my hybrid columnar cactus seedlings because it’s becoming quite a chore to take care of them.

individually potted columnar cactus seedlings
Columnar cacti I raised from seeds.

A couple of kind hearted individuals decided to pick them up to adopt them and in return gave me a number of colourful cactus pups.

tiny and colorful cactus pups
Tiny and colourful cactus pups.

That was the first time I’ve seen colour variegated cacti in person which filled me with joy. I decided to read more about them and learned that I need to have them grafted if they are to grow. Thus, my first grafting adventure started. My columnar cacti seedlings happened to be one of the best cacti to use in grafting.

A couple of them (not pictured here) failed to take hold but overall I’m quite happy with the results.

I’ll be removing the pups growing from the stocks and try to graft them or root them.

Grafting sure takes a lot of practice and patience. I’m hoping to graft do more practice runs soon. Wish me luck!