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Trust Your Filipino Scientists They Are Our True Heroes


I am so delighted to meet Doc Boy and Doc Weng in UPLB-IPB. I played it cool but, deep inside, I was jumping for joy. They are my heroes. They are true Filipino scientists who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others at their own expense and great personal sacrifice. I trust them and I thank them for their service to our nation and the rest of the world.

I’m a science buff. I read about he lives of scientists. I’m inspired by their selfless sacrifices to improve our lives today and in the future. The lifestyle we are living today are from those who looked for answers for us. With great courage they explored for us. Their efforts shaped our modern world.

Doc Boy and Doc Weng are respected scientists in their fields. And their expertise in hydroponics vegetable production is a valuable asset to the growing industry of hydroponics food production. Can you imagine how much they are turning their back from? When I asked Doc Boy if he would consider Doc Weng and himself as the foremost experts in hydroponics in the Philippines he humbly replied that he wasn’t sure.

Hydroponics is the future. Why? Because NASA is experimenting with hydroponics food production in outer space. In space where we will be living in the future long after we changed the climate and made most of the world inhabitable, we will be living in space and we will be growing plants with hydroponics.

Hydroponics is the future because our population is growing larger. Arable lands are growing smaller. They are caused by the mismanagement of natural resources and yes, climate change. Soon with limited space, and with a huge population, we will be living in a crowded world and, by the powers that be, will be required to produce food with hydroponics.

Doc Boy and Doc Weng are heroes for lending their expertise for the benefit of the nation. Their important, innovative and pioneering work in making hydroponics accessible to Filipinos is paving the way for our future. A future that I’m confident will be a bright one.


Please talk about your Filipino scientists, talk about how they are changing your lives for the better. Tell them how much you appreciate their work. I know it’s harder than tweeting about your favourite TV show or celebrity. You might get the usual “edi wow.” But who cares. It’s just one time. How hard can it be?

2 thoughts on “Trust Your Filipino Scientists They Are Our True Heroes

  1. Am a retired employee and want to plant and harvest vegetables from my small backyard. I believe SNAP can help on this. Salamat.

    1. You’re welcome po. I would like to extend an invitation from our group called SNAP Hydroponics Growers. There are a number of retires there who are growing their own vegetables using SNAP Hydroponics.

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