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In Pictures: A Short Tour of UPLB-IPB’s SNAP Hydroponics Setups

NFT setup that uses rectangular pipes.

In an effort to get people to know more about hydroponics gardening in our town, I partnered up with a friend to start distributing SNAP in our home town of Gumaca, Quezon. Our first order of business is to get SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solutions from UPLB-IPB. Thus, with a borrowed Toyata Wigo we went to UPLB-IPB to get some supplies.

Picture of a sign at the door of the Physiology Lab. It reads
SNAP Hydroponics Training RM. Physiology Lab

When we got there we were greeted by Doc Boy and Tita Susan. Doc Boy is busy as expected. We exchanged greetings as Tita Susan ushered us to the next building where we load up styrofoam grape boxes full of SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solutions. When we have finished loading I asked Tita Susan if it’s OK to show my friend around the complex so he can learn more about SNAP Hydroponics. She gladly obliged and even introduced us to kuya Alfred who took us in a short SNAP tour.

various seedlings in sowing trays.
Various seedlings ins different stages of development for use in SNAP Hydroponics gardening

The greenhouse is as packed as ever. Various plants in different stages of development are inside the greenhouse. Kuya Alfred demonstrated how seedlings are transferred to seedling plugs.

Next we are shown how to make styrofoam grow boxes.

Demonstrating How to Make Growboxes
Using a DIY tool to make holes on the top halves of grow boxes.

Because the greenhouse is not enclosed some pests makes it inside.

That thing that looks like a butterfly is a pest.

They lay their eggs on the plants.

Pest’s eggs.

Eggs hatch and produce larvae. They can eat a whole plant in just a day.

Below are pictures of their active hydroponics setups.

An A-f
NFT setup using round PVC pipes. Another setup is under construction next to it. It uses rectangular pipes
front view of an a-frame NFT setup
Front view of an A-frame NFT setup. On the floor on the left side is the reservoir for the nutrient solution.
Kuya Alfred showing us the roots of hydroponically grown lettuce
Kuya Alfred showing us the roots of hydroponically grown lettuce.
a-frame NFT with some dying plants.
Some of the plants have wilted because their root system has been disturbed by curious visitors.
examining the nutrient pump
Kuya Alfred reading the specifications of the nutrient pump. The label says it is strong enough to take water for up to 1.2m.

The tour ended with smiles and handshakes. Kuya Alfred is another passionate and knowledgable SNAP Hydroponics grower and it is a treat to have spent sometime with him talking about hydroponics. Me and my friend learned a lot.

picture of a happy grower with the IPB text in the background.
Took this picture of another happy grower on on our way back.

That’s all! Good luck and happy growing!