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How to Prepare SNAP Working Solution

SNAP working solution is a mixture of water and SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solution that is used to grow plants. The working solution provides the nutrients a plant needs in order to grow. This post contains information on how to prepare a SNAP working solution.

A typical use case is to prepare 10L of working solution for a standard sized growbox. To prepare 10L of working solution:

  1. Start with 10L of tap or well water.
  2. Add 25 mL of SNAP A.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Add 25 mL of SNAP B.
  5. Mix well.

The video below demonstrates:

The order by which SNAP A and SNAP B is added doesn’t matter. What is important is that they are not mixed together before being added to water. It is also important that the solution is mixed well before adding the next nutrient solution. SNAP comes in two bottles because it has components that will chemically react with each other if mixed in high concentrations. The components will form soluble and insoluble salts that will render them useless for hydroponics use. The video below demonstrate what would happen if SNAP A and SNAP B is mixed together.

Smaller volumes of working solution can also be prepared if needed. Simply add 2.5mL of SNAP A and SNAP B for every liter of water (diluting in between).

Common Questions

Can I use distilled water?

Using distilled water is not recommended. SNAP is designed to work with Philippine municipal water sources which are typically alkaline (pH values above 7). SNAP is designed to lower that to a pH range that plants require. Distilled water is neutral and using this to prepare the working solution will result in a solution which is extremely acidic.

ph meter reading 3.7pH
The pH of the working solution when distilled water is used.

Can I use rainwater?

It depends on the conditions on how the rainwater is collected. Pure rain water is very similar to distilled water and is not recommended for the same reasons mentioned above. The video below demonstrates this:

A 1:1 mixture rainwater and tap water can be used.

How do I use the measuring cup that is included in my SNAP Hydroponics Kit?

Please refer to the picture below:

Picture of measuring cups with text instructions.
How to use the measuring cup included in SNAP Hydroponics Kit

I’ve seen an instructional video saying I need to add 75mL of SNAP A and SNAP B. Is that correct?

Old formulations of SNAP Hydroponics uses 75mL. Current formulation requires only 25mL of SNAP A and 25mL of SNAP B.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below. Good luck and happy growing!

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  1. 25ml of A and 25ml of B of how much liter of water?

    1. Ten (10) liters of water.

  2. Can i use snap solution to other vegetables like brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage ?

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