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IPB, UPLB Postpones SNAP Training Due to COVID-19

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Due to the risk of Covid-19 SNAP TRAININGS at IPB, UPLB have been postponed indefinitely.

Dr. Eureka Teresa M. Ocampo

Dr. Eureka Teresa M. Ocampo of the Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB announces that SNAP Trainings at the Institute as been indefinitely postponed due to the risk of COVID-19. Doc Weng told the SNAP Hydroponics Growers community through a post earlier today, March 11th, 2020.

This is in response to the UPLB Office of the Chancellor Memorandum No. 044 on Measures against the COVID-19 threat.

SNAP Training suspension announcement in IPB, UPLB’s Facebook Page.

A Friendly Note

We implore everyone to acquire information regarding COVID-19 only from official sources. Please check and verify news that make it to your social news feed.

Before sharing anything about the outbreak we recommend watching this video series that contain useful information about how to navigate the digital world and avoid falling for scams, hacks and fake news.

Crash Course Navigating Digital Information on YouTube

Stay safe everyone. Happy growing!