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SNAP Hydroponics Seminar PDF Slides

We are currently working on a new set of presentation slides for our up coming training seminars and webinars on a variety of topics: hydroponics, aquaponics, urban gardening and digital marketing—because new normal requires growers to be digital.

Tarpaulin print featuring the 2018 nutrition month in MSHS with the theme ?Ugaliing magtanim Sapat na nutrisyon aanihin!?
Our first training seminar is for nutrition month 2018 in Muntinlupa Science High School.

It’s been a couple of years since our very first seminar. Marco hastily created these slides for his very first training seminar. He’s glad it went well.

The presentation we used has remained unchanged though we’ve been always been planning to update and improve it before making it available for download. To move things forward, we’ve gone over the slides and corrected some typos. Exported as a PDF file, it is now available for download in the downloads page. The original Apple Keynote Presentation is available for download there as well.

Marco Enrico in his first SNAP Training seminar gesturing towards a growbox of lettuce.
Marco Enrico in his first SNAP Training seminar.

Happy growing!