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Launching SNAP Hydroponics Knowledge Base

We know how important learning is to your success using SNAP Hydroponics. When you’re growing plants with it, we hope you’ll feel confident and supported with the knowledge you need to keep growing in your journey. That’s why we’re launching a single home for anything and everything related to hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening—

What we’re launching

Until now, our information website’s content has had no clear organization. As our catalog grow, we decided to create a single place where everyone can find the information they need, whether you’re a new grower who just sown their first seed or a seasoned grower in the hydro growing community. Starting today, you can find everything you need to learn about hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening at

Constantly Updated

The knowledge base will continue to grow. Be sure to follow our blog to get notified when new articles are added and old ones get updated.