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SNAP Hydroponics Nutrients’ Color Changed

Two pairs of SNAP bottles showing difference in color.

SNAP Hydroponics nutrients’ color changed in the most recent production batches SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics from IPB-UPLB. Previously, SNAP A is clear and SNAP B is yellowish. In the most recent batches, SNAP A has a yellow to brownish tint while SNAP B has retained its yellowish tint. According to an official statement from IPB-UPLB SNAP Hydroponics nutrients’ color changed because the usual brand that they use to produce the nutrients is out of stock and has to be replaced with another brand of the same chemical (answers to chemical safety concerns).

Will the SNAP Hydroponics Color Change diminish the effectiveness of SNAP?

IPB, UPLB adds that the effectiveness of SNAP A is not diminished by this change. In fact, the replacement component is more expensive but better quality.

Combined picture of the old batch of SNAP and the new batch of SNAP.
Screen capture of the post from SNAP’s official Facebook Page notifying its patrons of the color change.