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Hydroponics Business: Inspirational SNAP Hydro-Negosyo Stories

Rows of hydroponically grown lettuce.

Thinking of starting your own hydroponics business and need an inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Ever since I started SNAP Hydroponics Growers back in 2016, I’ve seen numerous members go on to start their own hydroponics-negosyo become successful in their craft.

Leveraging how easy it is to use SNAP Hydroponics in growing high value crops with minimal labor these individuals invested time and enough effort to make their business success. Below are a couple of hydro-negosyo success stories I witnessed unfold myself.

Hydroponics Business from the Backyard

Hydro business in operation.
Healthy lettuce heads growing in Sir Miko’s large-scale hydroponics business. Photo credit Sir Miko Santos.

Sir Miko Santos of Sariaya, Quezon started exploring hydroponics from his backyard and grew into a relatively large-scale commercial lettuce growing operation.

Story of Sir Miko’s Pogi’s Farm in Filipino with English subtitles.

Hydro-Negosyo on a Budget

Small-scale hydro business in operation.
Healthy lettuce heads in Ma’am Myra’s small-scale hydroponics business.

Ma’am Myra started her hydro business on a small budget after learning stumbling upon hydroponics online. With a small capital she was able to build a low-cost yet effective greenhouse and was able to realize a return of investment in just a few months!

The story of Ma’am Myra’s small-scale hydro-negosyo.

Starting Your Own Hydro-Negosyo

Need help getting started? I recommend subscribing to Happy Grower’s Channel on YouTube hosted by me. I regularly share inspirational stories like the ones above and teach my viewers how to do hydroponics absolutely free!

You can also join SNAP Hydroponics Growers on Facebook. I started this group back in 2016 in order to help people in getting started with hydroponics. There are many members who are more than happy to help you get started.

Of course you can also drop by our knowledge base where I curate numerous learning materials from this website.

Happy growing!