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How are SNAP Nutrients Different from Other Nutrient Solutions?

Pair of SNAP bottles beside a stack of seedling plugs.

Allow us to clarify how SNAP nutrients are different from other nutrient solutions in the market.

There are currently many local and imported brands and formulations of hydroponics nutrients in the market because of the continues growth in popularity of hydroponics in recent years. However, not all of them are the same. Listed below are the reasons why SNAP nutrients is unique compared to other nutrient solution.

Before we discuss these, let’s review some knowledge that are important to consider when growing plants using hydroponics.

Mineral Nutrient Solution para sa Hydroponics

This is the heart of a hydroponics system. The mineral nutrient solution, also referred to as “nutrient solution”, “nutrients”, “nutsol”, is added to water and supplies to the root of the plants being grown in hydroponics. This supplies the nutrients that are required by plants in order to grow. The correct mixture and high quality of nutrient solution are essential in order to achieve excellent results with hydroponics growing.

Nutrient Solution pH

pH is a scale used to determine the acidity and basicity of a solution. The value of pH can range from 0 to 14. Solutions with a pH of 7 are considered neutral—neither basic nor acidic.

In order for plants to absorb the nutrients in the nutrient solution, it is imperative that the pH of the solution if in the right level. In hydroponics this is typically in the range 5.5-6.5 in general. Each different plant has their own optimal pH range.

Chart listing pH levels and different nutrients
Chart showing nutrient uptake depending on pH levels.

As plants are absorbing nutrients from the nutrient solution, its pH will change. When the pH of the nutrient solution goes out of the proper range the plants’ roots will be unable to nutrients even when they are in sufficient quantity in the nutrient solution. It is very important that the pH of the nutrient is remains in the proper range.

SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics is High-Quality

SNAP nutrients has been around sine 1999. Scientists of IPB-UPLB has taken years to research and continue to improve the formulation of SNAP nutrients.

Unlike other nutrient solution that has different ratios for leafy and fruiting vegetables, SNAP’s excellent calibration allows for it to use a single ratio of nutrient solution for different kinds of leafy and fruiting vegetables. In addition, one of the most important properties of SNAP is its high buffering capacity. This gives SNAP the ability to stabilize the pH of the nutrient solution.

SNAP Can Stabilize pH

Because of the high buffering capacity of SNAP, it resists the decrease in pH of the nutrient solution which allows for it to be used for over a month without it being replaced or adjusted. According to the official statement of IPB-UPLB:

In all of the extension materials and activities with regards to SNAP HYDROPONICS, the
authors/inventors: Mr. Primitivo Jose A. Santos and Eureka Teresa M. Ocampo, always claim
that, …”Unlike other nutrient solutions in the market that require frequent monitoring of the
pH to correct the rapid decrease in pH, the use of SNAP nutrient solution minimizes this
monitoring because of its high buffering capacity (resists drop in pH). This unique quality of
SNAP nutrient solutions makes it possible to use the nutrient solution in the hydroponic system
for more than one month without replacing the solution running in the hydroponics system”

This statement is issued for whatever purpose it may serve. Thank you.

SNAP Commercialization Project, Statement on the pH-stabilizing capability of SNAP, February 18, 2021

Has an Excellent Safety Record

In the over 20 years that hydroponics growers has been using SNAP nutrients there hasn’t been any reported incident that’s related to the use of SNAP nutrients. This supports SNAP Hydroponics being safe and hydroponics in general.

In addition, SNAP includes a Materials Safety Data Sheet from the start until now. This contains important safety information about SNAP Nutrients.


SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics is unique among hydroponic nutrient solutions currently available in the Philippine market. It has properties that makes it easy to grow plants in hydroponics. It is the result of over 20 years of research by scientists. And most of all, it has an extensive and proven safety record.