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About SNAP Hydroponics Info Website

SNAP Hydroponics Info ( publishes news and information about SNAP Hydroponics. Its goal is to promote hydroponic food production in the Philippines through Simple Nutrient Addition Program or SNAP Hydroponics.

Simple Nutrient Addition Program for Hydroponics (aka SNAP Hydroponics) is a safe, easy to use and low-cost hydroponics system that is designed for small-scale and household vegetable production but can also be adapted for commercial vegetable production. SNAP is developed by the Institute of Plant Breeding of the University of the Philippines (IPB, UPLB) with the help of of the Bureau of Plant Research (BAR) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) with the goal of introducing the Filipino public to the modern vegetable production system of hydroponics.

Our Story

Back in 2016, this website’s creator stumbled upon SNAP Hydroponics online. His curiosity lead him to start his own SNAP Hydroponics system. Without any prior experience about hydroponics or any prior success growing vegetables for consumption he successfully grew pechay.

He was so impressed by the technology and he wanted others to learn more about it. However, information about SNAP was virtually non-existent at the time. Thus, with the goal of spreading awareness about the technology, he launched this information website along with SNAP Hydroponics Growers Facebook Group and the SNAP Hydroponics Info Facebook Page.


This website is created and maintained by ME. He is a SNAP Authorized Reseller. He is the person behind all the digital marketing of SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics since 2016. He is not involved in the research and development or manufacture of SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics. He is not involved in the short training course about SNAP that is conducted by the Institute of Plant Breeding of the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos (IPB, UPLB). He is not affiliated with IPB, UPLB.

plants growing in growing boxes with SNAP hydroponics
Pechay in growboxes with SNAP Hydroponics. ME’s first SNAP Grow.