Bahay Kubo Project

What is this?

The Bahay Kubo Project is an online collaborative learning activity by SNAP Hydroponics Growers Facebook group. Its goal is to create a “Bahay Kubo” music video and learn and exchange ideas along the way. The song “Bahay Kubo” is a Filipino folk song in the Philippines. It goes like (rough translation in parenthesis):

Bahay kubo, kahit munti, (Though the bahay kubo is small.)
Ang halaman doon, ay sari-sari. (The plants there are varied.)
Singkamas at talong, (Jicama and egg plant,)
Sigarilyas at mani, (Winged bean and peanut,)
Sitaw, bataw, patani. (String bean, hyacinth bean, lima beans.)
Kundol, patola, upo’t kalabasa. (Winter melon, luffa, bottle gourd, squash.)
At saka meron pa, labanos, mustasa. (There’s more radish, mustard greens.)
Sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya. (Onion, tomato, garlic and ginger.)
Sa paligid-ligid, ay puno ng linga. (The surroundings are covered with sesame.)

What do we have to do?

To participate you need to grow one or more of plants mentioned in the song using any method you wish (soil, hydro, indoor, outdoor, etc) from seed or cutting until harvest. Experimentation is welcome. While you grow you keep a grow log to track your progress and share what you learned. A grow log can be made of text (blog), image (photo blog) or video (vlog) or even as social media posts with a hashtag #BahayKuboProject. You can also send in your grow log to an online form that will be open to the projects participants.

Members of SNAP Hydroponics Growers has been exchanging gardening ideas in an active and  friendly community for years now. Even though this is more involved this should still be familiar.

A final video showing off your work and singing your part of the song would be required if you want to be in the final cut of the video. This will be subject to a community vote if there are multiple entries so try to do your best.

What is in it for me?

It’s a learning experience and a chance to be part of something that has never been done in the history of Philippine gardening online communities.

Can kids join?

No minors please. You’ll be asked to agree to terms and you must be old enough to decide for yourself. The terms are, in short: the content is yours (original content or OC), we won’t sue each other over this and you are doing this on your own free will.

Who will own the video?

Video will be public domain.

What is in it for you?

It’s a learning experience for me as well. I get to be familiar with the plants in the song and how to grow them. In addition, I’m a senior Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS) student in UP Open University. I need a special project in order to graduate. This could very well be my special project if all goes well.

I?m interested but how long will this take?

Depends on how many are going to participate. If it’s just the two of us it could take a while. I only just started growing tomatoes and keeping a grow log of it. If it has a huge number of participants it would only take months.

Can I plant other veggies not mentioned in the song?

Sure, well use that for the extended cut.

Which veggie is the easiest to grow?

That’s the spirit. Let’s find out?


That’s the Bahay Kubo Project. Good luck and happy growing!