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Refreshed SNAP Video Tutorial Playlist

Healthy lettuce leaves.

We recently refreshed one of our very first playlist of video tutorials about getting started with SNAP Hydroponics. According to our user insights, many users are looking for SNAP tutorials online. More than the usual every week. There is still no indication that sustained interest in urban gardening, container gardening and hydroponics is gonna die down anytime soon. With the pandemic still raging more and more people are getting interested in growing their own food.

Shopee featured videos

These set of videos, in Filipino, are featured prominently in Happy Grower’s Shopee.

Happy Grower’s Shopee is closed.

Unfortunately, it has become too cost prohibitive for us to operate our shop on Shopee. Not to worry because we are still selling our products online through our very own online shop.

SNAP Setup: Paano magpalaki ng halaman gamit ang SNAP Hydroponics?

This featured playlist is a complete tutorial on how to setup and SNAP Hydroponics system in Filipino. Originally created in 2018 it’s one of first complete tutorials about SNAP Hydroponics from a SNAP Authorized Reseller.

Paggawa ng sowing tray at pagpunla ng binhi.

Demonstration kung paano ang paggawa ng DIY na sowing tray at pagpupula ng binhi.

Paggawa ng butas para sa seedling plugs.

Demonstration kung paano lagyan ng butas ang itaas na bahagi ng styrofoam box.

Paglagay ng plastic liner sa ibabang bahagi ng growbox.

Demonstration kung paano lagyan ng plastic liner ang ibabang bahagi ng styrofoam box.

Paggawa ng seedling plug at pag-transfer ng binhi.

Demonstration ng paggawa ng seedling plug at pag-transfer ng mga binhi.

Pagbuo ng SNAP Hydroponics system.

Demonstration sa paggawa ng SNAP working solution at pag-assemble ng SNAP system.

Happy growing!

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Launching SNAP Hydroponics Knowledge Base

We know how important learning is to your success using SNAP Hydroponics. When you’re growing plants with it, we hope you’ll feel confident and supported with the knowledge you need to keep growing in your journey. That’s why we’re launching a single home for anything and everything related to hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening—

What we’re launching

Until now, our information website’s content has had no clear organization. As our catalog grow, we decided to create a single place where everyone can find the information they need, whether you’re a new grower who just sown their first seed or a seasoned grower in the hydro growing community. Starting today, you can find everything you need to learn about hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening at

Constantly Updated

The knowledge base will continue to grow. Be sure to follow our blog to get notified when new articles are added and old ones get updated.

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SNAP Hydroponics Seminar PDF Slides

We are currently working on a new set of presentation slides for our up coming training seminars and webinars on a variety of topics: hydroponics, aquaponics, urban gardening and digital marketing—because new normal requires growers to be digital.

Tarpaulin print featuring the 2018 nutrition month in MSHS with the theme ?Ugaliing magtanim Sapat na nutrisyon aanihin!?
Our first training seminar is for nutrition month 2018 in Muntinlupa Science High School.

It’s been a couple of years since our very first seminar. Marco hastily created these slides for his very first training seminar. He’s glad it went well.

The presentation we used has remained unchanged though we’ve been always been planning to update and improve it before making it available for download. To move things forward, we’ve gone over the slides and corrected some typos. Exported as a PDF file, it is now available for download in the downloads page. The original Apple Keynote Presentation is available for download there as well.

Marco Enrico in his first SNAP Training seminar gesturing towards a growbox of lettuce.
Marco Enrico in his first SNAP Training seminar.

Happy growing!

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Free E-book on Organic Gardening

“A Natural Farming System For Sustainable Agriculture In the Tropics” by Keith O. Mikkelson which was first printed in 2005 is a book licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike License and published in the Philippines by Aloha House Inc.

A physical copy of “Natural Farming System For Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics.”

The book is an important work for tropical agriculture. It’s great read for anyone who is into organic gardening. The book covers materials that is extremely useful for the day-to-day operation of a farm or garden.

Natural Farming is the most economical way to solve this impending global food problem. We are approaching a two-fold global crisis in food production, as both the quantity and quality is declining. There is an economically viable way to make crop fertilizers and livestock feed from waste products that are currently being lost to the environment.

K. Mikkelson, 2005

We created a PDF copy of the book with a smaller file size. This copy is available for download on this website.

You may view copy of the CC license here.

Happy growing!

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How to Set Up SNAP Hydroponics

me holding a bunch of lettuce heads.

Is it really that simple to grow your own vegetables with hydroponics?

Simple Nutrient Addition Program or SNAP Hydroponics is a low-cost, low-maintenance hydroponics system that is designed for household or small-scale commercial vegetable production. It enables growers to utilize small spaces typical in urban settings for food production. Developed in the Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB, it’s been around for over twenty years and has a flawless safety record and impeccable performance even for first time growers. It is very easy to use and easy to learn because it’s just a Simple Nutrient Addition Program.

User Manual

You may download the official user manual. The user manual comes with every purchase of SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics from SNAP Authorized Resellers. It is provided here and available for download for your reference.

Video Tutorials

“Gabay sa SNAP Hydroponics Mula Binhi Hanggang Ani” by ME. Playlist is composed of comprehensive video tutorials in Filipino.

We are currently working on a new series of videos covering SNAP Hydroponics so don’t forget to subscribe!

Need More Help?

Still not feeling confident to try? Need help getting started? Please join our Facebook Group SNAP Hydroponics Growers. We are a very active community of hydroponics and gardening enthusiasts. We will help you as best we can.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is! SNAP can also stand for Safe Nutrient Addition Program.

Walang lupa? Mag-hydroponics ka!

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Organic Fertilizer Production Kit

Ever wondered what FAA, FFJ, FPJ and TM are? They get talked about a lot in gardening communities. They are organic fertilizers that are part of an organic fertilizer kit.

We recently updated our downloads page to include this kit. They are downloadable PDF manuals on organic fertilizer production. These guides are available in  e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries by the Department of Agriculture’s e-Extension Program under the course “Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture.” The online course was developed by the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCARRD).

The following manuals are included in the organic fertilizer kit. It even includes a guide on cost of production.

Fish Amino Acid (FAA)

Cover page of ?Production guide on Fish Amino Acid.?
Download Production Guide on Fish Amino Acid (FAA)

Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ)

Cover page of ?Production Guide on Fermented Fruit Juice?
Download Production Guide on Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ)

Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)

Cover page of ?Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) Production Guide?
Download Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) Production Guide

Tea Manure (TM)

Cover page of ?Production Guide on Tea Manure?
Download Production Guide on Tea Manure (TM)

Guide on Cost of Production (CoP)

Cover page of ?Cost of Production?
Download guide on Cost of Production

These guides can also be downloaded in a single zip file in the downloads page.

Don’t forget to subscribe for more organic gardening guides. Happy growing!

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Malimit na mga Tanong Ukol sa SNAP Kaakibat ng Quarantine

varieties of lettuce growing on styrofoam boxes with SNAP Hydroponics


Php 250.00-350.00 depende sa reseller. 

Ang set ng SNAP nutrients (SNAP A at SNAP B) ay Php 225.00 kung sa IPB, UPLB bibilhin. Kung hindi Authorized Reseller limitado po sa 5 sets ang mabibli.

Kung sa SNAP Authorized Resellers bibilhin Php 250.00-350.00 ang kada set.

Ano ang SNAP?

Ang paraan ng pagpapalaki ng halaman sa tubig at walang lupa ay tinatawag na hydroponics. Gumagamit ito ng mineral nutrient solution. Ang Simple Nutrient Addition Program o SNAP Hydroponics ay isang madali at mababang halagang hydroponics system na gumagamit ng mga materyales na madaling mahanap sa paligid. Ito ay ginagamitan ng SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics. Ang isang set ng SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics ay binubuo ng 500mL SNAP A at 500mL SNAP B at may kalakip na printed user manual at materials safety datasheet (MSDS).

Iisang klase lang ang SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics at ito ay galing sa Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB), UPLB. Ito ay dini-distribute ng mga SNAP Authorized Reseller. Sila nagsanay sa Institute at may Certificate of Completion mula sa IPB.

Para makatiyak na lehitimo ang pagbibilhan maaring i-verify ang kanilang Certificate of Completion mula sa IPB.

Dapat ang  SNAP A clear (‘pag minsan ay white cloudy) ang SNAP B ay dapat clear at may pagkadilaw. May kasama rin dapat itong printed na materials safety datasheet (MSDS) at user manual.

Two 500mL PET bottles one labeled snap a and another labeled SNAP B.
A pair of SNAP nutrient solution.

Kung iba ang kulay sa binanggit ko sa itaas o hindi kahalintulad ng ritrato sa taas, hindi ito SNAP kundi ibang brand o formulation ng nutrient solution. Iba ang kalidad at bisa ng ibang brand o formulation ng nutrient solution at iba’t iba rin ang paraan ng paggamit ng mga ito. Iba’t iba rin ang resulta.

Saan mabibili ang SNAP nutrients?

Sanhi ng umiiral na quarantine sa bansa, nagiging mabagal ang paggawa ng SNAP sa IPB, UPLB. Gayun din nahihirapan makapag-restock ang mga SNAP Authorized Resellers. Dagdag pa dito ang biglang pag-spike ng demand sa produkto. Kaya may kahirapan itong makita sa merkado.

Sa mga SNAP Authorized Resellers mabibili ang SNAP. Hindi pa commercial product ang SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics kaya hindi ito makikita sa mga karaniwang outlets.

Ang mga SNAP Authorized Resellers ay nag-train sa IPB, UPLB at naipamalas ang kalaman sa paggamit nito. Sila ay pinapahintulutang bumili ng SNAP sa IPB, UPLB para i-resell.

A picture of Happy Grower?s SNAP completion certificate along with a set of SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solution.
Certificate of completion.

Marami SNAP Authorized Resellers na nagbebenta ng SNAP nutrients sa mga online outlets (hal. Lazada/Shopee/FB Marketplace). Para makatiyak na sa SNAP Authorized Reseller bumibili, maaring i-verify ang kanilang certificate of completion mula sa IPB.

Walang opisyal na listahan SNAP Authorized Reseller ang administrator ng website na ito.

Mangyaring sumali sa SNAP Hydroponics Growers. Maaring may SNAP Authorized Reseller na makakatulong doon dahil mayroon silang partial, unofficial at community sourced na registry ng SNAP Authorized Resellers.

Pwede ba na maulanan ang SNAP Hydroponics System?

Pwede mabasa? ng ulan ang halaman. Ang hindi pwede ay yung mapasok ng tubig yung growbox. Kapag nangyari ito, madadagdagan ng tubig ang nutrient solution at posibleng mapalitan ng tubig ulan. Mawawalan ng sustansiya yung solution at maapektohan ang paglaki ng mga halaman. Masasayang ang nutrient solution. Nirerekomenda na gumamit ng rain shelter.

large crawiling cucumber vine growning on SNAP Hydroponics
Mga halamang lumalaki sa SNAP Hydroponics. Protektado sa ulan dahil sa awning.

Paano ihalo sa tubig?

Magismula sa sampung litrong malinis na tubig (hindi distilled o dumaan sa reverse osmosis). Dagdagan ng 25mL SNAP. Haluing mabuti. Dagdagan ng 25mL SNAP B. Haluing mabuti. Kahit po alin sa SNAP A at SNAP B ang maunang ihalo sa tubig. Huwag pagsabayin.

a solution with a slightly yellow and cloudy appearance.
Ten liters of properly mixed SNAP working solution.

Saan ang training/seminar?

Suspended indefinitely ang lahat ng training sa IPB, UPLB.

Sa IPB, UPLB kung saan dinevelop ang SNAP. Kaso nga lang po dahil sa COVID-19, suspendido yung trainings. At sa panahon po ngayon ay talagang mas maganda pong umiwas muna tayo sa mga public gathering as much as possible.

banner with text that reads "Welcome Participants Training Course on Hydroponics Vegetable Production With Emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics Plant Physiology Laboratory Institute of Plant Breading"
Banner welcoming SNAP Hydroponics training participants.

Paano labanan ang mga peste sa pananim?

Pinakamaganda protective shelter para hindi mapasok ng peste ang hydroponic garden. Kung wala naman pwede rin ang tiricide. Tuwing umaga bago sumikat ang araw nanginginain at gumagalaw ang mga peste. Mas madali po silang makita at tirisin sa umaga. Kapag mataas na ang sikat ng araw nagtatago na ang mga ito at mahirap nang makita.

Happy growing!

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Saan Mabibili ang SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics?

a pair of SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics bottles.

Zero to Limited Stocks

Dahil sa umiiral na health crisis sa ating bansa nagkaroon ng spike sa demand para sa SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics. Gayun din, naging skeletal ang work force sa IPB, UPLB at walang dumadating na supply ng materiales dulot ng pinaiiral na Enchanced Community Quarantine.

Mabibili sa mga SNAP Authorized Resellers

Hindi pa commercial product ang SNAP nutrients kaya hindi ito makikita sa mga karaniwang outlets.

Mabibili ang SNAP nutrients sa mga SNAP Authorized Resellers. Sila ay nag-train sa IPB, UPLB at awtorisadong bumili ng SNAP nutrients sa IPB, UPLB ng bultuhan. Sila ay required na mag-set up at mag-maintain ng hydroponics system upang ipamalas ang kanilang natutulan sa SNAP Training. Bilang reseller, sila rin ay nire-require na magbigay tulong at gabay sa mga individual na kanilang pinagbibilhan ng SNAP nutrients.

Ang SNAP nutrients ay mabibili sa halagang Php 200.00 (SNAP A at SNAP B, isang set) sa IPB, UPLB. Limitado sa limang (5) set ang mabibili ng mga hindi SNAP Authorized Reseller.

Marami sa mga SNAP Authorized Reseller ay nagbebenta ng SNAP nutrients sa mga online stores at e-commerce platforms. Para makatiyak na sa SNAP Authorized Reseller bumibili, maari po ninyong hanapin ang kanilang certificate mula sa IPB. Marami sa mga SNAP Authorized Reseller ay sinasama ang kanilang certficate of completion sa pictures ng kanilang product listing.

A picture of Happy Grower?s SNAP completion certificate along with a set of SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solution.
Happy Grower’s SNAP training certificate of completion.

Ang administrator ng website ay walang opisyal na talaan ng SNAP Authorized Reseller. Hindi siya kontektado sa IPB, UPLB at hindi rin siya involved sa research and development ng SNAP nutsol, manufacture ng SNAP nutsol at training ukol sa SNAP.

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Plans, Drawings, Pictures of the CLSU Type Greenhouse

Drawing of the clsu type greenhouse as shown in AutoCAD.

Hydroponics requires a rain shelter or ideally a green house to protect crops from both rain and pests. Central Luzon State University (CLSU) developed the CLSU Type Greenhouse to provide growers with a low-cost and well designed option that performs well in typical growing conditions in the Philippines. It is ideal for intensive growing operations typical in hydroponics and aquaponics food production.

drawing of the CLSU Type Greenhouse's front elevation
Front Elevation of the CLSU Type Greenhouse
drawing of the CLSU Type Greenhouse's typical side elevation
Typical Side Elevation of the CLSU Type Greenhouse

The illustrations are based on images available in Production of High Value Crops in Greenhouse from the e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture’s e-Extension Program with the Agricultural Training Institute.

The bill of materials are also provided and taken from the same e-learning course. Prices indicated are from 2007.

The .dwg file, an AutoCAD drawing, is constructed from measurements provided in the e-learning course.

These files and other useful downloadables are also available in the downloads page.

Happy growing!