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Developed, Manufactured and Sold at IPB, UPLB

SNAP Hydroponics is a technology developed jointly by the Physiology Laboratory of the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB, UPLB) and the Bureau of Agricultural Research of the Department of Agriculture. This technology allows those interested in hydroponics to acquire the basic knowledge on hydroponics farming.

SNAP is simple nutrient addition program for hydroponics. SNAP Hydroponics is a safe, easy to use and low-cost hydroponics system that is ideal for household level and small-scale commercial vegetable production and can easily be adapted for large scale production of high value crops.

SNAP Nutrient Solution is not a commercial product yet. SNAP nutrients is not available in usual retail outlets. SNAP is currently being developed, manufactured and sold in IPB, UPLB.

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The Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB

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Our shop keepers are SNAP Authorized Resellers. Our SNAP nutrients are sourced directly from IPB, UPLB.

SNAP Authorized Resellers

SNAP Hydroponics Nutrient Solution is officially distributed by SNAP Authorized Resellers. There are a number of SNAP Authorized Resellers in Shopee, Lazada, Carousell, Facebook Marketplace and other online retail outlets. To verify if dealing with SNAP Authorized Reseller ask for their certificate of completion for the short training course on hydroponics from IPB, UPLB.

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We are SNAP’s #1 and #2 fans. We are SNAP Authorized Resellers. We only sell genuine SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics sourced directly from IPB, UPLB.

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Owen and ME at IPB.
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SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics in 2020


The shop keepers are not involved in the SNAP Hydroponics research/development, manufacture of SNAP Hydroponics Nutrient Solution and IPB short training course on SNAP Hydroponics that is conducted in IPB, UPLB. For additional information, please contact IPB, UPLB via their Facebook Page.

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