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IPB-SNAP Authorized Resellers 2021 

Updated list of accredited resellers for the year 2021.

MJ Garden Hydroponics and Gardening Supplies

Brgy. Mabini
Gumaca, Quezon 4307

Arneth Agrimarts
Sariaya, Quezon

Snaponika Hydroponic Farm

Brgy. Putatan
Multinlupa, NCR

Alexie Lily Farm Enterprise

Mandarin Homes
GMA Cavite

Vince Hydroponic Garden

Daet, Camarines Norte

Mai-Space Hydroponic Garden Supply

Buhay na Tubig
Imus, Cavite

DK Design Architectural & Engineering Service

P. Niogan
Mabini, Batangas

Artist Yard Plant Propagation

Paciano Rizal
Bay, Laguna

Snapryde Transport Services

San Jose
Quezon, NCR

Hydroponics Garden Supply

CIN Hardware

Circumferential Road
Brgy. D S Garcia
Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

R. Revelar Hydroponic Farm

Ilayang Iyam
Lucena City, Quezon

Hearticulture Hydroponics and Halamans Online Shop

Parañaque, NCR

4G – Benz Garden Materials Trading

Taguig, NCR

Leanards Hydroponics Wholesaling

Quezon City, NCR

Vazquez Gravel and Sand Inc.

Manila, NCR

GCCV Trading

Brgy. San Vicente Diliman
Quezon City, NCR

Source: SNAP Hydroponics by UPLB IPB

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Official Announcements and Statements from the SNAP Commercialization Project

The SNAP Commercialization Project released a document on May 17, 2021 that contains official announcements and statements resulting from the Zoom meeting of SNAP Authorized Resellers that took place on May 7, 2021. It lists the project’s official responses to a number of issues concerning SNAP Nutrient Solution.

Why does the price of SNAP Nutrient Solution differ from other hydroponic nutrient solution in the market?

Issue No.1: Difference in the selling price of SNAP solution compared to other hydroponic nutrient solutions in the market

Official Statement: Unlike many hydroponics solutions in the market which have “MasterBlend” as background component, SNAP hydroponics solutions (SNAP HS) have unique combinations of chemical components, so much so that the resulting nutrient solution (NutSol), upon mixing of water and SNAP HS, has a pH already within the acceptable range (5.5-6.5), hence without the need to add
pH-Up or pH-Down compounds to the NutSol. Also, the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) fall within the acceptable range. Moreover, the unique combination of compounds in SNAP HS results in a stabilized pH of the NutSol even after the growing crop has taken up much of the nutrients from the growing solution, hence again no need to regularly monitor the pH. That is why, SNAP hydroponics
is usually termed as “set-and-forget” technology. In addition, the SNAP Project Management is currently in the process of looking
for cheap but good-quality reagents which will be used as substitute to some of chemical components used in producing SNAP HS in order to further reduce the cost.

How low can SNAP Nutrient Solution sell for?

Issue No.2: Presence of unhealthy/ unfair competition among Resellers concerning offering of lowest price in the market that gives undue disadvantage to fellow Resellers

Official Statement: As agreed at the Resellers Zoom meeting last May 7, starting May 16 of this year, a minimum floor price of PHP 295 for every pair of SNAP solution will be implemented by SNAP Resellers. Also, a former memorandum from the SNAP Management implementing a maximum price for SNAP solution is hereby revoked/repealed.

Are walk-in buyers of SNAP Nutrients’ Solution still accepted in National Seed Foundation?

Issue No.3: Allowing walk-in buyers to avail of SNAP HS

Official Statement: Walk-in buyers of SNAP solution will be accommodated only until the end of May of this year. After that, purchase of SNAP solution will be mainly through Accredited Resellers. However, exempted from this policy are Government staff and students which will utilize SNAP hydroponics for research purposes.

Are SNAP Authorized Resellers allowed to sell other brands of hydroponic solution?

Issue No.4: Whether Resellers of SNAP solution can be allowed to resell other brand(s) of hydroponic solution.

Official Statement: In the absence of current individual exclusivity agreement, Resellers of SNAP solutions are allowed to resell other brands(s) of hydroponic solutions.

Are SNAP Authorized Resellers allowed to have dealers working for them?

Issue No.5: Information about Resellers’ Dealers

Official Statement: If Resellers have dealer(s) under them, then they are requested to ask their Dealers to fill-out the Google form provided by the SNAP management.

Will the use of plant boosters and similar improve crops grown in SNAP Hydroponics?

Issue No.6: Use of other product(s) in hydroponic culture, aside from SNAP solution, like using plant booster, etc. that could have an effect on the effectivity of SNAP solution

Official Statement: The use of SNAP solution and water is already enough to produce a good crop. Therefore, adding other component(s) to the SNAP nutrient solution (NutSol) will definitely alter its original properties and efficacy, i.e. pH within acceptable range and steady pH during the crop’s growing period. Therefore, the SNAP Management shall not be responsible for any outcome resulting to the addition of those other compound(s) in the SNAP NutSol. However, it will be a different case if the plant booster or any other additional chemical is sprayed on the leaves of the crop.

Where can I find a list of SNAP Authorized Resellers?

Issue No.8: Identification of Accredited Resellers.

Official Statement: Right after the deadline of submission of requirements, the SNAP management will issue certificates to those Accredited Resellers that have completed the requirements, and will be posting the list of new Accredited Resellers for Year 2021-2022 on the FB page. Former resellers who will not be able to comply with the needed business papers will be temporarily deleted from the list until they have satisfied all the requirements.

Source: Official Announcements/ Statements as results of May 7 Zoom Meeting with Resellers