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Knowledge Base Updates

Dial of an electromechanical timer

We want to make sure you are well informed before you start your gardening adventures and before your purchase any of our products which is why why have an up-to-date knowledge base.

We recently updated it to include a guide on how to layout a greenhouse, a guide on how to use an auto timer switch and a guide to on how not kill cactus and succulents.

Steps in laying out a greenhouse

For all year round growing a greenhouse is an excellent investment. Make sure it is properly laid out and maximize the utility of available sunlight.

CLSU Type greenhouse modelled in AutoCAD.
CLSU Type greenhouse in AutoCAD.

How to use an auto timer switch

An auto timer switch is an electromechanical device that automatically turns a switch on and off on a timer. It’s simple enough to use but can be confusing for beginners. The perfect guide for anyone starting their indoor grow.

Dial of an electromechanical timer
Electromechanical Timer

Cactus and Succulents 101

Cactus and succulents is one of the most challenging plants to grow in the Philippines. Propagating them is keeping them alive is challenging.

Small potted cactus.
Small P. pringlei cactus in a pot.

Happy growing!

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Refreshed SNAP Video Tutorial Playlist

Healthy lettuce leaves.

We recently refreshed one of our very first playlist of video tutorials about getting started with SNAP Hydroponics. According to our user insights, many users are looking for SNAP tutorials online. More than the usual every week. There is still no indication that sustained interest in urban gardening, container gardening and hydroponics is gonna die down anytime soon. With the pandemic still raging more and more people are getting interested in growing their own food.

Shopee featured videos

These set of videos, in Filipino, are featured prominently in Happy Grower’s Shopee.

Happy Grower’s Shopee is closed.

Unfortunately, it has become too cost prohibitive for us to operate our shop on Shopee. Not to worry because we are still selling our products online through our very own online shop.

SNAP Setup: Paano magpalaki ng halaman gamit ang SNAP Hydroponics?

This featured playlist is a complete tutorial on how to setup and SNAP Hydroponics system in Filipino. Originally created in 2018 it’s one of first complete tutorials about SNAP Hydroponics from a SNAP Authorized Reseller.

Paggawa ng sowing tray at pagpunla ng binhi.

Demonstration kung paano ang paggawa ng DIY na sowing tray at pagpupula ng binhi.

Paggawa ng butas para sa seedling plugs.

Demonstration kung paano lagyan ng butas ang itaas na bahagi ng styrofoam box.

Paglagay ng plastic liner sa ibabang bahagi ng growbox.

Demonstration kung paano lagyan ng plastic liner ang ibabang bahagi ng styrofoam box.

Paggawa ng seedling plug at pag-transfer ng binhi.

Demonstration ng paggawa ng seedling plug at pag-transfer ng mga binhi.

Pagbuo ng SNAP Hydroponics system.

Demonstration sa paggawa ng SNAP working solution at pag-assemble ng SNAP system.

Happy growing!

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Launching SNAP Hydroponics Knowledge Base

We know how important learning is to your success using SNAP Hydroponics. When you’re growing plants with it, we hope you’ll feel confident and supported with the knowledge you need to keep growing in your journey. That’s why we’re launching a single home for anything and everything related to hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening—

What we’re launching

Until now, our information website’s content has had no clear organization. As our catalog grow, we decided to create a single place where everyone can find the information they need, whether you’re a new grower who just sown their first seed or a seasoned grower in the hydro growing community. Starting today, you can find everything you need to learn about hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening at

Constantly Updated

The knowledge base will continue to grow. Be sure to follow our blog to get notified when new articles are added and old ones get updated.

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SNAP Hydroponics Seminar PDF Slides

We are currently working on a new set of presentation slides for our up coming training seminars and webinars on a variety of topics: hydroponics, aquaponics, urban gardening and digital marketing—because new normal requires growers to be digital.

Tarpaulin print featuring the 2018 nutrition month in MSHS with the theme ?Ugaliing magtanim Sapat na nutrisyon aanihin!?
Our first training seminar is for nutrition month 2018 in Muntinlupa Science High School.

It’s been a couple of years since our very first seminar. Marco hastily created these slides for his very first training seminar. He’s glad it went well.

The presentation we used has remained unchanged though we’ve been always been planning to update and improve it before making it available for download. To move things forward, we’ve gone over the slides and corrected some typos. Exported as a PDF file, it is now available for download in the downloads page. The original Apple Keynote Presentation is available for download there as well.

Marco Enrico in his first SNAP Training seminar gesturing towards a growbox of lettuce.
Marco Enrico in his first SNAP Training seminar.

Happy growing!