Downloadable learning materials about hydroponics, aquaponics and urban gardening. These high quality downloadable learning resources are curated by the Happy Grower.

SNAP User Manual

All you need to know to get started is in this user manual by Dr. PJA Santos and Dr. ETM Ocampo the brilliant scientists behind SNAP Hydroponics.

SNAP Hydroponics Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solution sets purchased from authorized resellers should come with a printed materials safety data sheet or (MSDS). They contain a wealth of information like instructions for the safe use and potential hazards associated SNAP nutrient solutions.

Fundamentals of Hydroponic Vegetable Production and SNAP Hydroponics

Presentation created by ME for use in his earliest training seminar about SNAP Hydroponics. The presentation is available as a PDF file and an Apple Keynote Presentation.

SNAP Hydroponics AGRILINK 2009 Presentation

This presentation is from 2009 and some information may NOT be up-to-date.

SNAP Hydroponics Brochure (2014)

This brochure is from 2014 and some information may NOT be up-to-date.

CLSU Type Greenhouse AutoCAD Drawing

AutoCAD .dwg file of the CLSU Type Green House

CLSU Type Greenhouse Bill of Materials (2007)

Bill of materials for the CLSU Type Greenhouse from 2007.

Organic Fertilizer Production Kit

Downloadable PDF manuals by the Agriculture Training Institute of the Department of Agriculture (DA-ATI). Available in DA-ATI’s e-learning course Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture.

Download a single zip file containing the PDF guides or download them individually in the provided links below.


All Guides in the Organic Fertilizer Production Kit

All the organic fertilizer production PDF manuals in a single zip file.

Production Guide on Fish Amino Acid (FAA)

Guide on the production of fish amino acid.

Production Guide on Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ)

Guide on the production of fermented fruit juice.

Production Guide on Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)

Guide on the production of fermented plant juice.

Production Guide on Tea Manure (TM)

Guide on the production of tea manure.

Cost of Production Guide

Guide on calculating the cost of production (CoP).

A Natural Farming System For Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics

An e-book by M. Mikkelson.

Small-scale aquaponic
food production

Aquaponics is a symbiotic integration of two mature disciplines: aquaculture and hydroponics. This technical paper discusses the three groups of living organisms (bacteria, plants and fish) that make up the aquaponic ecosystem.

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Originally made available for download in the FAO website this manual discusses everything you need to know about small-scale aquaponic food production.