Mustasa seedlings grown in a microwavable tub.

How to Establish Seedlings for Use with SNAP Hydroponics

This guide will teach you how to establish seedlings for use with SNAP Hydroponics. This guide elaborates on Part A the set-up guide of SNAP hydroponics. This guide is also available in video.

Start with a microwavable tub of appropriate size and bore holes at the bottom of the tub and on the lid. The holes at the bottom provides drainage. The lid will be used on the tub to keep the humidity high and the holes on the lid will serve as ventilation.


Fill the tub with enough coco coir. Around 3-5cm deep should be enough.


Water the medium liberally with diluted of SNAP working solution. Instead of 25mL for every 10L of water, diluted SNAP working solution is prepared by adding 5mL of SNAP A and 5mL of SNAP B for very 10L of water (0.5mL for every liter of water).

Sprinkle seeds evenly over the moist medium. Optionally, use a garden sprayer to moisten the seeds as well.


Put the lid back on and keep the tub in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. The lid is needed to keep the humidity inside the tub high which aids in germination specially if the seeds are not fresh and hard to germinate. Exposing the tub in direct sunlight will trap the heat inside and cook your seedlings.


Fresh seeds should start to germinate overnight and the lid can be removed at this point. Keep the lid on if there are no signs of germination yet.

Gradually introduce the seedlings to more and more sunlight. They should be ready to be transferred to individual seedling plugs and growing boxes in 10-14 days.


That is it! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.