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Welcome to the SNAP Hydroponics Info Knowledge Base. Our knowledge base contains comprehensive guides about various topics related to modern, eco-friendly and sustainable food production methods.

SNAP Hydroponics

Safe, easy to use and low-cost hydroponics system ideal for household level and small-scale commercial vegetable production.

About SNAP Hydroponics by Happy Grower
How to Set Up SNAP Hydroponics
Troubleshooting (coming soon)
Pair of SNAP bottles beside a stack of  seedling plugs.
Safety Information

SNAP Hydroponics Video Tutorials

Comprehensive video tutorials in Filipino from Happy Grower.

Video thumbnail with text ?SNAP Setup.?
How to Set Up SNAP Hydroponics
Video thumbnail with text ?Seedling Transfer + Cocopeat?
Seedling transfer and information about cocopeat.
Video thumbnail with text ?Walang lupa??
About SNAP Hydroponics with Dr. Santos.
Video thumbnail with text ?SNAP Lettuce Harvest?
Harvesting SNAP Grown Lettuce.

Hydroponic Growing Media

Hydroponic growing media are inert, porous, light, fast draining and airy. They store moisture and nutrients for plants roots and provides anchorage for plants.

Handful of cocopeat.
Handful of perlite
Handful of carbonized rice hull.
Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH)
Handful of hydroton.
Kale seedlings growing on rockwool.


Organic Growing

We love organic growing! It’s eco-friendly, safe and healthy.

Handful of vermicast.
Vermicast (coming soon)
Handful of beetlecast
Beetlecast (coming soon)
Handful of carbonized rice hull.
Carbonized Rice Hull, CRH (coming soon)
Hand full of loose, brown alluvial soil.
Alluvium (coming soon)

Indoor Growing

No space outdoor? Try indoor.

Bright growlight shining light over a chili plant.
Grow lights (coming soon)
Dial of an electromechanical timer
Electromechanical Timer


Greenhouse for all year round growing.

CLSU Type greenhouse modelled in AutoCAD.
Greenhouse Layout Steps

Cactus and Succulents

Everybody loves CnS.

Small potted cactus.
Philippines CnS 101

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