CLSU Type greenhouse modelled in AutoCAD.

Steps in Laying Out a Greenhouse

Greenhouse layout steps are a series of instructions to properly layout and align a greenhouse for maximum utility of available sunlight. These layout steps are meant for use with the CLSU Type Greenhouse but can be adapted for other designs.

  1. Establish points A and B in the proper orientation where the greenhouse is proposed to be located. Line AB will serve as the reference line of one side of the structure.
    Line AB will serve as the reference line of one side of the structure.
  2. Put marking pins at the corners of the greenhouse (points C and D) with correct measurement or with a distance of 20m.
    Points C and D are corners of the greenhouse.
  3. From point C, measure an equal distance along line AB. Mark these points E and F. Draw arcs that will intersect on one side of line AB.
    Points E and F are equidistant from point C.
  4. Put marker (point I) at the intersection of the arcs. This intersection marks point I which allows us to draw line CI perpendicular to line AB.
    Arcs drawn from points E and F enables us to draw a perpendicular, line CI.
  5. Put sight line (twine) and marking pin at line CI towards point K.
    Use a sight line to extend CI towards point K.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 applied point D to make line DJ towards point L.
    Repeat steps to draw a perpendicular DJ and extend it towards point L.
  7. Measure the width of the greenhouse, put marking pins from lines CI and DJ. This method allows us to see the corners of the greenhouse (points L and K).
    Measure the width of the greenhouse through lines CI and DJ
  8. To check whether the dimension of the area is correct, measure the diagonal lines CL and DK. When the measurements are not the same, adjust the markers at the corners along line KL.
    Adjust the corners of the greenhouse, points L and K along line LK.
  9. Transfer these markers of the corners until the diagonal lines have the same measurements. When the corners are properly set, put marking pins.
    Adjust the corners by measuring lines CL and DK making sure they are equal
  10. To establish the points of the inner frames, along lines CD and KL put marking pins at 2m distance.

Greenhouse Layout Steps from ATI e-Learning Course

These steps are outlined in the e-learning course “Production of High Value Crops in Greenhouses” from e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries by Philippine’s Department of Agriculture’s e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute.

Happy growing!