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Geoponia: Legitimate SNAP Hydroponics?

Social media posts proclaiming that “Geoponia” is a legitimate SNAP nutrient recently surfaced. In these posts, it is claimed that the product has the same component as SNAP and that the product has been developed in partnership with Dr. Primitivo Santos. These claims reached IPB, UPLB and they promised an official statement.

Corn kernel sized light colored rocks held with two hands.

Free Hydroponic Growing Medium: Pumice (Pinagbistayan)

Pumice is one of the best hydroponic growing medium out there. Pumice is light, inert and porous. These properties makes pumice perfect for hydroponics as these provides high drainage, aeration and promotes healthy root growth. Compared to other hydroponic growing medium like hydroton (LECA) and perlite, pumice is naturally occurring and is thus eco-friendly. About […]