Lettuce Seeds Leafy Batavia Red Rania, Ramgo Seeds, approx. 1,200 seeds


Lettuce Leafy Batavia Red Rania by Ramgo Seeds.

  • Contains approximately 1,200 seeds.
  • 94% germination rate
  • Sow by 12/2021

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Lettuce Leafy Batavia Red Rania

Lettuce leafy batavia red rania seeds by RAMGO SEEDS. Iceberg variety lettuce grows a tightly packed leaf formation (heads) similar to cabbages. Iceberg lettuce grows well in cold environment. Iceberg lettuce also grows in hot environments. However, they tend not to grow heads but instead grows loose leaves.

Lettuce leafy batavia red rania is a type of loose leaf lettuce that has a shiny, red leaf that is perfect for salads. The curly leaves are sweet and tender and hold salad dressing well. It is very easy to grow and gives beautiful vibrant red color to the garden.

In warm environments, it’s normal for leafy batavia red rania to grow green with red highlights.

Lettuce Seed Packet Product Information

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature. Keep seeds dry and away from water. Seed are treated. Do not use for food, feed or oil purposes.


RAMGO SEEDS are specially conditioned and hermetically sealed to maintain the highest level of quality.

Limitation of liability by RAMGO SEEDS

In accordance with universal custom of the seed trade, Ramgo warrants that this seed conforms to the attached label description with recognized tolerances. We disclaim any warranty, expressed or implied as to the merchantability and productivity of the seeds we supply. The liability of Ramgo shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the particular seeds.

Growing Lettuce Leafy Batavia Red Rania Seeds in SNAP Hydroponics®

Please see our comprehensive seedling production guide.

For best results use sterilized cocopeat. The video below demonstrates how to germinate lettuce seeds in sterilized cocopeat.


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