Perlite Growing Medium for Hydroponics, 300g, approx. 1.5L


Horticultural grade perlite hydroponic growing medium. Perlite can be used as a hydroponic growing medium,  soil amendment and rooting medium for cuttings.

  • light
  • inert
  • sterile
  • porous material
  • low water retention
  • permeability.


Perlite, growing medium for hydroponics and soil amendment.

Perlite is a growing medium typically used in hydroponics. Perlite is a growing medium of exceptional performance: light, inert, sterile and porous. Perlite can be used as a growing medium, a rooting  medium or as soil amendment.

About Perlite

Perlite is a hydroponic growing medium that is made of expanded volcanic glass. When rapidly heated to its melting point, raw perlite expands and rapidly releases trapped water vapor causing it to pop in a similar manner as pop corn. Raw perlite expands to up to twenty (20) times original volume.  This results in a material that sterile, has very low density and has high surface area.

Why is perlite a good growing medium for hydroponics?

  • Provides excellent root aeration.
  • Provides excellent drainage.
  • Provides as sterile growing condition.
  • High surface area is good for trapping moisture and nutrients and slowly releasing them.
  • Durable and maybe used multiple times.

Use of perlite in plant growing.

  • Hydroponic growing medium
  • Cactus or succulent growing medium
  • Soil amendment
  • Rooting cuttings

Learn more about perlite.

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