Smart Pot® Fabric Garden Plant Container Aeration Planter, 5 Gallon, Black


Original Smart Pot

  • Patented technology (US Patent 576825)
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 US gallons (19L)
  • 12 inch diameter × 9.5 inch height
  • Weighs 89 grams


The Smart Pot is the best growing container available!

Smart Pot fabric planter is the gold standard of fabric planters. The container you use will effect the growth of your plant!

For years the Smart Pot® has helped wholesale nurseries with large plant production. Now, the patented Smart Pot is available for gardeners and container plant growers everywhere. The Smart Pot is a porous fabric aeration container that releases heat and promotes fibrous root growth. The result is a better root structure and a better plant.

About Smart Pot Fabric Planter

The patented Smart Pot fabric planter is for the gardener who wants a container that will grow the best possible plant. It is a new and unique advancement in container technology that is better than any other method of container gardening. The patented Smart Pot is a soft-sided, fabric container that has the rigidity to hold its shape and can even support large trees. In fact, the Smart Pot was originally developed for and has been used by commercial tree growers for over twenty years. The Smart Pot is an aeration container. It has a unique ability to air-prune and enhance a plant’s root structure. A highly branched, fibrous root structure is the key to growing a better plant – with more flowers and fruits, and more resistance to insects and diseases. In any container garden, the container you use makes a difference. Find out what size container to use, and how to grow your own tomatoes.

There is only one Smart Pot® and they are made in the USA. There are other fabric pots in the market but they are nowhere near the quality of real Smart Pots.

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