SNAP Hydroponics Nutrient Solution (10-pack), SNAP A (500mL), SNAP B (500mL), mfg. IPB, UPLB


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SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics

  • Manufactured by IPB, UPLB.
  • Includes SNAP A, SNAP B, official user manual and official materials safety data sheet.
  • Contains ten (10) complete sets of SNAP nutrients (SNAP A/SNAB B).
  • Makes 4000L of SNAP working solution.
  • Good of 3200+ leafy heads.
  • Grows leafy vegetables in six to eight  weeks.

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SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics sold by Happy Grower

SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics (nutsol) is the most important part of every SNAP Hydroponics system.

SNAP Hydroponics is safe, easy to use and low-cost hydroponics system that is suited for household level and small-scale commercial vegetable production. It enables everyone to grow their own safe and nutritious food in a hydroponics system that is set and forget. It’s hydroponics in a snap. Happy Grower approved!

SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics (10-pack) Includes

Ten complete sets of SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics.

  • 10 ? SNAP A (500mL)
  • 10 ? SNAP B (500mL)
  • 10 ? printed official user manual
  • 10 ? printed official materials safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • 10 x measuring cup

Hydroponics in a SNAP!

  • Makes 4000L of SNAP working solution that can grow 3200+ leafy heads.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Comes with exclusive after-sales support from Happy Grower and the people behind!
  • Eco-friendly!

SNAP Hydroponics®

Simple Nutrient Addition Program for Hydroponics

SNAP is a project of IPB, UPLB with the help of DA-BAR that started in 1999 with the goal of introducing hydroponics to the Philippines.  SNAP Hydroponics nutrients is at the heart of every successful SNAP Hydroponics grow. Hydroponics can be expensive and complicated. SNAP makes this  easy, inexpensive and best of all eco-friendly!

Purchase Online from SNAP Authorized Resellers

Buy SNAP nutrient solution online from SNAP Authorized Resellers. We are proud to let to staffed by two SNAP Authorized Resellers. Our SNAP nutrients are sourced directly from IPB, UPLB.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my bottle of SNAP Nutrients different from the one pictured?

IPB, UPLB, the developer and manufacturer of SNAP Nutrients are constantly experimenting with different bottles and labels to lower manufacturing cost while maintaining the safety and quality of the product. We are SNAP Authorized Resellers and you can rest assured that our SNAP Nutrients are sourced directly from UPLB, IPB.

Do SNAP Nutrients expire? What does the date indicated in the bottles signify?

SNAP Nutrients has a very long shelf life is stored properly. The date indicated in the bottle is the manufacturing date. It best to keep a record of this date should the original label be removed or lost.

Recent batches, May 2020 onwards, will have batch numbers instead of batch dates. Expect batch numbers to be low.

Store SNAP Nutrients in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and children’s reach.

Safety information

Please refer to the materials safety data sheet.


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Physiology Laboratory IPB, Institute of Plant Breeding


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