Sterilized Cocopeat (300g, approx. 2L)


Sterilized cocopeat in 300g packs (approx. 2L). Cocopeat is also known as “coco coir dust” or simply “coco dust.”


  • Excellent hydroponic growing  medium
  • soil amendment
  • seed starter
  • cutting propagation medium.



Sterilized cocopeat for hydroponics and container gardening.

Sterilized cocopeat is an excellent hydroponic medium, soil amendment,  seed starter and cutting propagation medium. Cocopeat is also known as “coco coir dust” or simply “coco dust.”

What is cocopeat?

Cocopeat is a by-product of the coconut industry, making it eco-friendly. It’s completely organic and biodegradable.

Cocopeat is inert and has a high water holding capacity making it ideal as a hydroponic growing medium.

Our cocopeat are sourced from the Philippines. Unlike cocopeat from other coconut producing nations, Philippine cocopeat does not incorporate  sea water as  part of its production process. It is completely free from salt and is thus ideal for use with hydroponic systems and for plants that require inert and salt free medium such as carnivorous plants (ex. Venus fly traps, pitcher plants).

Our cocopeat is not saturated with water to increase volume or weight. It only has enough moisture to keep it from totally drying up. Dried cocopeat hydrophobic  making difficult to get wet and absorb water.

Advantages of Cocopeat.

  • Sterilized
  • Inert
  • Salt free
  • Low density
  • High water holding capacity
  • Neutral pH
  • High purity

Cocopeat is best for:

  • Seed raising
  • Grafting
  • Hydroponic growing medium
  • Soil amendement

Learn more about cocopeat.

Before you buy cocopeat, you might be interested to learn more about it. We got you covered.

You will find more information about cocopeat in our knowledge base.

You can also learn more about cocopeat from this video from Happy Grower’s Channel.

Buy cocopeat from trusted sources.

There are many ways to manufacture cocopeat. As mentioned above the quality of cocopeat varies depending on the source. Be sure to buy cocopeat only from trusted sources.

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