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SNAP Hydroponics by IPB, UPLB – Training Seminar Schedule for 2019,

Update: See Training Seminar Schedule for 2020

The developers of SNAP Hydroponics regularly conduct a one day training course on hydroponics vegetable production with emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics at the UPLB Institute of Plant Breeding in Bay, Laguna. The training course teaches the participants the theoretical and practical aspects of hydroponics with emphasis on setting-up and running a SNAP hydroponics system; identification of different nutrient deficiency and toxicity symptoms; basic concepts in plant nutrition relevant to hydroponics vegetable production. The training also comes with  a starter kit which includes  a pair of SNAP A and SNAP B nutrient solution for hydroponics, training manual, established seedlings, coco coir, styrofoam box and styrofoam cups. The training fee is ₱2,000.00 (subject to change).

Upon completing the training course, participants are awarded a certificate of completion, a proof of having been trained and taught by the best minds in the growing hydroponic vegetable production industry.

Completing the training also qualifies a participant to be an authorized reseller of SNAP nutrient solution for hydroponics provided that they practice what they learn in the training course, i.e, a hydroponics practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the training seminar conducted? Is there a schedule?

According to CAFS’ list of IPB Short Training Courses pictured below the schedule is officially to be announced (TBA). Schedule is subject to the availability of the resource speakers. Interested parties are advised to contact UPLB-IPB to inquire about the schedule.

A screen capture of the document detailing information about the SNAP Hydroponics training. It says, "Date: TBA"
Details about the date of the SNAP Hydroponics training.

Can the training be conducted elsewhere?

A number of hydroponics practitioner, some of whom are trained in UPLB-IPB conducts their own training seminar on hydroponics in different parts of the country. However, only the ones conducted UPLB-IPB or presented by SNAP developers qualifies as authorized resellers of SNAP nutrient solution for hydroponics.

How do I get to UPLB-IPB for the training?

Please see this post about how to get to UPLB-IPB for the training.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up by filling out the IPB Short Training Courses Online Registration Form. To sign up for the SNAP training course, please choose the highlighted item in the picture below.

A screenshot of the IPB Short Training Courses Online Registration Form with the radio button for SNAP Hydroponics training highlighted
Screenshot of the IPB Short Training Courses Online Registration Form. To sign up for the SNAP training course, please choose the highlighted item.

What is the training like?

It is a one day training that typically starts at 8:00AM and ends at around 4:00PM with a one hour lunch break. Light snack and refreshments are provided for free. Lunch however is not. You can bring your own meal or your can buy your one in the venue. Please see these pictures from the training for more information.

Where can I get more information about the short training courses offered by UPLB-IPB?

Please see this list of IPB Short Training Courses.

How do I contact UPLB-IPB?

Please send a message to IPB-UPLB via their Facebook page at

If you have any other questions please leave a comment. Good luck and happy growing!