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SNAP Hydroponics Training Seminar Schedule for 2020 by IPB-UPLB

Banner with text that reads "Welcome Participants Training Course on Hydroponics Vegetable Production With Emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics Plant Physiology Laboratory Institute of Plant Breading"

Training suspended until further notice due to COVID-19. See details of SNAP Training Suspension.


Wide angle shot of the UPLB Institute of Plant Breeding
The Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB

The developers of SNAP Hydroponics regularly conduct a one day training course on hydroponics vegetable production with emphasis on SNAP Hydroponics at the UPLB Institute of Plant Breeding in Bay, Laguna.


Screenshot of the UPLB-IPB Facebook Page showing the page?s header and call to action button.
Screenshot of the UPLB-IPB Facebook Page

Send a message to IPB-UPLB Facebook Page and inquire about the SNAP training course.

HOW MUCH: ₱2,000 (subject to change) per Participant

The training course teaches the participants the theoretical and practical aspects of hydroponics with emphasis on setting-up and running a SNAP hydroponics system; identification of different nutrient deficiency and toxicity symptoms; basic concepts in plant nutrition relevant to hydroponics vegetable production. The training also comes with  a starter kit which includes a pair of SNAP A and SNAP B nutrient solution for hydroponics, training manual, established seedlings, coco coir, styrofoam box and styrofoam cups. The training fee is ₱2,000.00.

Upon completing the training course, participants are awarded a certificate of completion, a proof of having been trained and taught by the best minds in the growing hydroponic vegetable production industry.

Completing the training also qualifies a participant to be an authorized reseller of SNAP nutrient solution for hydroponics provided that they practice what they learn in the training course, i.e, a SNAP Hydroponics practitioner.

WHEN: Schedule is Listed Below

  • February 17 (full)
  • March 2 (full)
  • March 16 (full)
  • March 30
  • April 27
  • May 4
  • May 11
A picture of Happy Grower?s SNAP completion certificate along with a set of SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solution.
Happy Grower’s SNAP completion certificate.

Happy growing!