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Early Summer Time Tips for Hydroponics Growers in the Philippines

varieties of lettuce growing on styrofoam boxes with SNAP Hydroponics

The cold early morning days are still upon us as February comes to a close. We are expecting a weak El Niño in the following months and the days will be hotter and drier than usual.

There is Still Time to Grow the Perfect Lettuce

There is still time to catch the early morning cold breeze for your lettuce plants. The morning temperatures in the low lands still drops below 25°C. Lettuce thrives in cold temperatures. Lettuce grown in cold environments are compact, crisp and sweet. Most red varieties also show their red color when grown in cold environments.

Different lettuce varieties grown in SNAP Hydroponics
Different lettuce varieties grown in SNAP Hydroponics.

Take Extra Measures to Protect Your Grow this Summer

The summer heat can warm your nutrient solution which can result in lower dissolved oxygen concentrations and reduce yield significantly. Adding insulating materials to protect the nutrient solution from heat is also recommended.

Plan your grow and prepare your shading net for the hottest part of the day. The summer temperatures can cause heat stress to your plants.

Beware of plant varieties that can bolt and turn bitter when the temperature is too high.

Grow Plants that Can Take the Heat

Lettuce can be a challenge to grow during the summer unless you can find a heat tolerant variety. Mustasa, kang-kong and pechay grows well in SNAP Hydroponics nutrient solution even during the hottest summer months.

Mustasa seedlings grown in a microwavable tub.
Mustasa seedlings grown in a microwavable tub.