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SNAP Hydroponics Growers Reaches 16k Milestone

the text reads: "SNAP Hydroponics GROWERS 16k Happy Growing!"

We now have over 16,000 members!

SNAP Hydroponics Growers has grown into a community with over 16,000 members. We added another 1,000 members in less than a month without any form of paid promotions. This is a testament to how powerful word-of-mouth can be when backed by a product that delivers on its promise. The past couple of years of experience I had growing my own food with SNAP Hydroponics and growing an online community around it has made me even more convinced in the potential of SNAP Hydroponics. Even more convinced in the potential of hydroponics food production in the country. And even more convinced in the willingness and eagerness of the Filipino to learn and adopt the technology. Even more convinced? Absolutely!

To celebrate this milestone I would like to invite my fellow growers to write a testimonial about SNAP Hydroponics. It doesn’t have to be as lengthy as mine (written below) but if you can why not? Please contact me if you want to write a blog post. It’s a nice way to put your name out, showcase your passion, skills and/or expertise.

My Testimonial

SNAP Hydroponics makes growing your own food a fun and rewarding hobby. When you are ready to turn your hobby into a business it is not very difficult to transition to small scale commercial production. Growing your own food has never been this easy. It’s hydroponics in a SNAP.

I’ve been a gardening enthusiast since I was little. Me and my siblings were left to the care of our lola. She’s a farmer. She maintains a small farm where she grows different crops like cassava, ube, gabi, upo, sigarilyas, patani, malunggay, kamote, banana, langka, dalungyan, atbp. When I was little our lola always takes us to her farm so she can keep an eye on us.

a scanned picture of me in lola?s farm
This is me at lola’s farm during Sunday.

That’s when I got started in gardening and that’s when I first experienced the joy of eating home-grown and home-cooked food. My fondest memory of my lola’s cooking is ginataang talbos ng balinghoy na may sardinas (young cassava leaves and sardines in coconut milk). With sardines if we are lucky. Everything in that recipe came from the small farm. It’s an amazing experience that I longed to experience again. Gardening and growing my own food has always been something I’m very passionate about thanks to lola.

Growing your own food can be difficult. I know because I’ve seen my lola do it. Even though I’ve been gardening and growing my food all my life growing my own fruits and vegetables has always been a challenge because my gardening space has always been limited and I’m always at the mercy of pests and diseases. All that changed when I discovered SNAP Hydroponics.

Because I have limited space in the places I lived I’ve always considered building a hydroponics system. However, according to my research hydroponics is not cheap to build nor is it easy to maintain. When I queried for “beginner hydroponics Philippines” back in May 2016, SNAP is the only relevant result and in succeeding queries I stumbled upon the SNAP Hydroponics video which I’m sure most of you are familiar with. It took me another couple of months of research because I’m pretty skeptical about it. Growing plants and hydroponics shouldn’t be as easy as the video demonstrated. Nonetheless, by late July I’m running my very own SNAP Hydroponics system.

My satisfaction with the results? Extremely satisfied and it made me very happy. I can hardly believe it worked so well the first time by simply following the step-by-step instructions (and being patient). From then I knew it SNAP has a lot of potential. Right from the start I knew it is something I need to read more about? and something the rest of the nation should know about. You can read the rest of the story here.

Kale plants growing in styrofoam box and cups using SNAP nutrients
Kale growing in SNAP Hydroponics one of my recent grows.

And now we are here with more than 16,000 members. The rest of nation is still curious. I hope all of us continue to spread the word about SNAP Hydroponics. Maraming salamat po! Good luck and happy growing!

a drawing of a greenhouse
Going commercial: We are working on a greenhouse design.