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We Are Turning the World Into Plastic


A few months back, we had a discussion about whether or not to use styroboxes because it’s bad for the environment. My answer is: it’s complicated.

We all agree that styrofoam is plastic. Are there other alternatives? Alternatives have a higher carbon footprint than plastic. Consider the energy cost of styrofoam fruit boxes compared to, let’s say, cardboard fruit boxes. You might be surprised to find out that manufacturing new styrofoam boxes uses less energy (less carbon footprint) than recycled cardboard boxes. Styrofoam box production won’t cease if we stop using them as growing boxes. They are meant for grape production not SNAP Hydroponics growers.

Styrofoam is recyclable. In other countries they are collected and recycled. Currently, our country lack the facilities to recycle them. As hydroponics growers we are actually helping the environment in more ways than one.

By holding onto these styrofoam boxes in the form of growing boxes. We are keeping them off our land and oceans while we wait for our government to provide us with the necessary facility to recycle them.

We are turning the world into plastic and we must do our part to stop that from happening.