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SNAP Commercialization Project

Pair of SNAP Nutrient Bottles with IPB in the background.

SNAP Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics is an outstanding product. Many would be surprised by the fact that SNAP is still only a research output of the Institute of Plant Breeding. The Institute and the SNAP developers has prioritized the continuous improvement of SNAP instead of pushing for its commercialization. Despite this, SNAP has been jump starting successful hydro-negosyos all over the country.

Rows of hydroponically grown lettuce.
Pogi’s Farm in Sariaya, Quezon

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many to look for alternative sources of income. Consequently, interest in SNAP nutrients has increased. This renewed clamor for SNAP nutrients has revealed many areas for improvement for SNAP Hydroponics most of which are best resolved by going commercial.

The commercialization of SNAP has been spun off as a separate project and there has been lots of developments recently.

SNAP Authorized Resellers General Meeting

Last January 28th, a Zoom meeting was held among SNAP Authorized Resellers with SNAP commercialization on the agenda. Listed below is a summary of the meeting’s minutes:

  1. Standardization of SNAP nutrients’ price
  2. Annual renewal of accreditation as a reseller
  3. Bracketing of resellers based on location
  4. Enhancing the promotion/commercialization of SNAP technology
  5. Conducting regular webinars on research developments on hydroponics using SNAP
  6. Authorized reseller validation during purchase of SNAP solution
  7. Improvement of packaging vis-a-vis price consideration
  8. Coordination with established courier services regarding shipment of SNAP solutions to with the aim resolving common issues
  9. Updated materials safety data sheet (MSDS)
  10. Established protocol for issuing official receipts.

Official SNAP Hydroponics Facebook Page

As part of the commercialization project’s goal of further improving the promotion of SNAP Hydroponics. The Institute of Plant Breeding launched an official Facebook Page for SNAP Hydroponics.

Facebook Page cover photo of “SNAP Hydroponics by UPLB IPB” the official Facebook Page of SNAP Hydroponics

SNAP Sales Office

Beginning on February 22, 2020 the SNAP sales office will be in the National Seed Foundation (NSF). The location of the NSF is shown on the map below:


This is only the beginning. The future of SNAP Hydroponics is ever brighter. Hydroponics is the future.