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SONA 2020: Plant, plant, plant!

President Duterte speaking at Batasang Pambansa during his SONA 2020

Here are some of the highlights of SONA 2020 that many growers and online businesses should be excited about.

Retooling of our workforce via online training.

The president recognizes the need for our displaced workforce to be retooled/retrained if they are going to be part of the country’s economic recovery. He has ordered related government institutions to make online trainings free for our displaced workforce.

Creation of a Public Education Network

The president vowed to create a public education network for public schools and DepEd. This will include the most far-flung places where he plans to install satellite internet powered by solar panels. All of this he wants to be in place before he steps down in 2022.

This is an exciting project which will enable online education for the public at large. I’m hoping the network would be open for institutes and businesses like us who offer free and open education and training for all.

Renewed focus on Agriculture and Fisheries

The president reiterated the importance of agriculture and fisheries. He said his government will be working on aid and incentives for farmers and fisher folks in order to boost our agricultural out put.

He put renewed focus on the coconut industry. He also implored lawmakers to put the coco levy fund to use.

Implementing e-Governance.

The president has had enough of pila or queues. Especially now that we are grappling with a pandemic. He called on government institutions to make government services available online.

E-commerce focus

Of all the good things I heard from the SONA, this is what excited me the most. The president has called on law makers to protect sellers and buyers online and accelerate the growth of e-commerce in the country. In addition, he said his administration will put renewed focus on helping micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the Philippines.

Strengthening the country’s internet services.

The president has called upon the country’s biggest telco players to improve their services before December of this year. Otherwise they will get shutdown and expropriated.

As we all know by now the president is a man of his word.

Planting the seeds of the future.

I watched SONA 2020. While I may not agree with everything the president does or says (as with any leader), I’m quite happy with the things we agree with. Here’s to hoping that the seeds he planted today would be the prosperous future we want for our country.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!